This website presents the findings from a year-long piece of analytical work on the supply of water and sanitation services in small towns.

Please navigate through the page tabs above to find out more. The full report (in English, French & Portuguese) can be downloaded in PDF format here.

Alternatively, there are six videos that give a rapid overview of the research process and the findings. UPDATE: since this piece of work was done, WaterAid has developed a lot more practical experience in Small Town water and sanitation development. Please refer to the latest blog for more information or to this page on the WaterAid website.

Recognising the urgency to understand how best to meet the water and sanitation needs of burgeoning small towns, WaterAid, in partnership with Building Partnerships for Development in Water and Sanitation (BPD) and supported through a planning grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, spent over a year synthesizing existing knowledge and identifying promising approaches that could support sustainable impact in small towns.

WaterAid and BPD would welcome any comments on or discussions around the issues. Please use the comments page.

Due to the current lack of literature, information and experience with respect to small town water and sanitation services, we are considering the viability of developing this website into a knowledge base on small town water and sanitation service supply.  Please check back regularly or sign up to the updates on the blog page.  We will be encouraging all individuals and organisations working in this field to contribute their resources and experience.