New review of WaterAid’s work in small towns

WaterAid has just completed a follow-up review of its work in small towns in four countries. The review set out to check back to what extent this earlier piece of research had influenced the work by our teams and partners in these countries and what impact this was having. It also set out to gather new information and to help us define a set of more detailed guidelines for our work. The summary report of this work is now available through this link.

To find out more broadly about our work in Urban water, sanitation and hygiene development, including the above resource, please click this link.

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Exciting work starting in Tanzania

Watch this space for more information from WaterAid in Tanzania. See this message from our Urban Coordinator:

“We have started the Master plan/Land use planning for our small town in Tanzania called Kibiti in Rufiji district, Coast Region over the last two weeks. This planning process is taking a participatory process whereby the district planning Officer is the coordinator, supported someone from a local University.  The key stakeholders and the community at large are included in the process using focus group discussions covering all the different community groups (the poor, vulnerable, youth, women, men etc).

This is a major shift from the old way of  planning which was carried out by planners sitting in the office doing desk planning).  For scale up the process also has involved all key ministries like the ministry responsible for lands, the ministry responsible for local authorities and the ministry responsible for water, amongst others etc).  In the end we hope the master plan will result in a WaSH services plan that provides for a wider spectrum of the towns developmental and economic needs.”  Joyce Ndesamburo.

We will sahre more as information / documents become available.

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Winning the race: Sanitation in rapidly-growing towns

Just seen this, shared by David Shaub-Jones who worked on this project.  This is a great opportunity for WASH sector professionals from the SADC region already working in this area or begining to take up this challenge.

IRC, together with UCLGA, WIN-SA and AusAid, are hosting a Learning and Sharing Workshop around the crucial topic of sanitation services in rapidly growing small town.  The 2 day session, to be held near Johannesburg (during the week commencing 7 November), will explore proactive, tangible ways to deal with pressing sanitation issues in towns experiencing rapid growth in Southern Africa.

SADC participants (eligible countries in green at are hereby invited to apply to participate or contribute to the workshop – which discusses practical and pragmatic ways to seize the current ‘window of opportunity’ that exists in rapidly growing towns.

Deadline for applications is 5th October 2011 – see for more information, including the application form and news about the travel bursaries available. TRAVEL bursaries EXIST, BUT are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

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New videos added

We have just added a series of five short videos that describes the proposed analytical appraoch to small towns, that we believe will help practioners to plan better the appropriate solutions for each town’s particular development context. We have created a new page for these videos. Please click this link.

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Breaking rules for improved services in Small Towns

Found this interesting article from WASHCost:

Breaking rules for improved services
Updated – Tuesday 15 March 2011

Kishan and MV Rama Chandrudu of the WASHCost India team documented the typical scenarios that occur in the small towns and peri-urban areas of Andra Pradesh with regards to the governance of water services. When community members in these areas feel that water services fall below expectation levels, certain people take the liberty of taking matters into their own hands in order to get the water that they need and want. Often, these actions go against what is permitted. For instance, anyone can approach the tap and take the water that they need. But often at times, some people do not turn off the tap and acquire more water than is allowed. This leads to the question of how can the local people and the governing bodies come together in order to create a system of accountability and fair accessibility?

For further details on the scenarios taking place within these communities, read:

Breaking Rules for Improved Services

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Final Report Launched

The final report from this research process has now been released and the text of this website has been updated accordingly. The report can be downloaded using the link on the home page just below the video, which is also a new edited version.   So you can now read the text directly on this website or download the PDF report.  Alternatively, if you just want an overview, watch the video.

We will very shortly also upload a series of videos that will allow you to interactively explore each tier of the investigative framework that we used, to provide you with a bit more contextual understanding.

As before, please use the comments facility to leave comments or leave links to your own work in this field.

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Findings presented at Stockholm World Water Week

Today, WaterAid and BPD have presented the findings as contained on this website at the Stockholm World Water Week.  During this week, thousands of water and sanitation professionals from governments, NGO’s donors and the private sector participate in in-depth discussions around the urgent issues facing the sector.  This has been a excellent forum to raise the urgency for action in small town water and sanitation services.  We hope that our emerging approach and findings will help the sector in finding solutions for these towns.  WaterAid particularly will be testing this work across a number of our country programmes in Africa and Asia and contributing our learning to this website.

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Small Towns website launched

We’ve launched this website to share the findings from a preliminary research process investigating what different approaches are needed in Small Town water and sanitation service delivery, as opposed to rural and large urban centres.  These findings stem from a year long process across six countries and demonstrate that current programmes tend to employ “cookie-cutter” or “one size fits all” approaches that very quickly result in inappropriate services and potentially failing systems.  Our findings provide some directions as to what new approaches need to be tested through further pilots or action research activities.

A quick word on this website.  During the past year we have realised that there is a total lack of information on this subject matter available.  We are therefore proposing to develop this website further into a knowledge repository for small towns service delivery.  The aim will be to encourage other organisations and individuals working in this field to share their resources and knowledge via this website.  We hope to develop this additional functionality before the end of 2010.

If you’d like to share your feedback on the report and this website, please do so on its main comments page.

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