Breaking rules for improved services in Small Towns

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Breaking rules for improved services
Updated – Tuesday 15 March 2011

Kishan and MV Rama Chandrudu of the WASHCost India team documented the typical scenarios that occur in the small towns and peri-urban areas of Andra Pradesh with regards to the governance of water services. When community members in these areas feel that water services fall below expectation levels, certain people take the liberty of taking matters into their own hands in order to get the water that they need and want. Often, these actions go against what is permitted. For instance, anyone can approach the tap and take the water that they need. But often at times, some people do not turn off the tap and acquire more water than is allowed. This leads to the question of how can the local people and the governing bodies come together in order to create a system of accountability and fair accessibility?

For further details on the scenarios taking place within these communities, read:

Breaking Rules for Improved Services

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