Exciting work starting in Tanzania

Watch this space for more information from WaterAid in Tanzania. See this message from our Urban Coordinator:

“We have started the Master plan/Land use planning for our small town in Tanzania called Kibiti in Rufiji district, Coast Region over the last two weeks. This planning process is taking a participatory process whereby the district planning Officer is the coordinator, supported someone from a local University.  The key stakeholders and the community at large are included in the process using focus group discussions covering all the different community groups (the poor, vulnerable, youth, women, men etc).

This is a major shift from the old way of  planning which was carried out by planners sitting in the office doing desk planning).  For scale up the process also has involved all key ministries like the ministry responsible for lands, the ministry responsible for local authorities and the ministry responsible for water, amongst others etc).  In the end we hope the master plan will result in a WaSH services plan that provides for a wider spectrum of the towns developmental and economic needs.”  Joyce Ndesamburo.

We will sahre more as information / documents become available.

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