Small Towns website launched

We’ve launched this website to share the findings from a preliminary research process investigating what different approaches are needed in Small Town water and sanitation service delivery, as opposed to rural and large urban centres.  These findings stem from a year long process across six countries and demonstrate that current programmes tend to employ “cookie-cutter” or “one size fits all” approaches that very quickly result in inappropriate services and potentially failing systems.  Our findings provide some directions as to what new approaches need to be tested through further pilots or action research activities.

A quick word on this website.  During the past year we have realised that there is a total lack of information on this subject matter available.  We are therefore proposing to develop this website further into a knowledge repository for small towns service delivery.  The aim will be to encourage other organisations and individuals working in this field to share their resources and knowledge via this website.  We hope to develop this additional functionality before the end of 2010.

If you’d like to share your feedback on the report and this website, please do so on its main comments page.

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    Good job Erik and all at Dharmafly. A tight deadline has been met. Be good to see how this approach develops…